Wednesday, February 11, 2015

January Sewing Projects

I finished my January Make-a-Garment-a-Month Project last month but of course, I'm behind in posting.  The MAGAM January project theme was try something  new or a new technique.  I wanted to sew with either leather or lace.  I chose to make a peplum top using an antique gold lace from Hancock Fabrics and black ponte knit from my stash.  The lace really chose me while I was in Hancock Fabrics last year. I was walking down an aisle, minding my business when the lace jumped in my cart.  I wore the top last month to a black and gold line dance event.  

The top was easy to make and sewing with the lace wasn't any different than any other fabric. I used lace on the back and the peplum.  I started out using two sewing machines, one with black thread and clear thread in the other.  Then I thought to my self, two machines, two spools of thread and one is clear, what.   So, I turned the machine with the black thread off and continued with the clear thread. 
The pattern was designed with back loop and button closures that I replaced  with a separating zipper, another new technique for me. I got a two-fer with this top.  My last minute design change required me to make a last minute notion run to Hancock Fabrics to purchase the zipper.  I actually bought three of them, because I forgot to take the measurements with me.  Since I have two separating zippers left, I'll have to make a couple of garments that'll incorporate them, using stash fabrics of course. 
My other January project was Vogue 9017 in Gucci blue.  I'm still on my stash busting mission as my sewing studio (as I like to call it) runneth over with fabric.   I was looking for something to make using some of my stash.  This piece was down in the bottom of my crate, a double knit from G-Street Fabrics.  I can't remember what I planned to make when I bought it.  I really didn't know what I was going to do with it when I pulled it out until I measured it and rummaged through my patterns. Vogue 9017, perfect I thought...          

I usually put a lining in everything, but this fabric didn't need one, it's thick yet soft, even the inside.  I love this fabric, it's a gorgeous piece and resulted in a very nice dress.  That's almost 2 yards down and a hundred or so yards to go.  

I still haven't bought any RTW! One month down...eleven to go!


  1. Both of these are just beautiful.

  2. both outfits are beautiful! lace always screams at me too but I scream back nooo! lol!

  3. April, Congratulations on not buying any Rtw!! I love your choices of styles and colors. Can't wait to see what's in store for February. For a technique to use on tops go to my blog and check out the video on sewing with a twin needle. how-to videos

  4. OMG April! Both of these dresses are absolutely stunning! And I also have to say your hair is absolutely stunning is well! I think in the recesses of your mind, you may have known that this fabric (the blue one) needed to wait for the perfect pattern! You look stunning in both outfits great job!

  5. WOMAN you are rocking these outfits!! OMG--you look spectaculaaaaar!!! I love both of those patterns. The black and gold event is too cute. Have you shared this on the sewing challenge? If not, please do...the ladies will be encouraged (and cheer you on)! Vita