Sunday, March 15, 2015


Butterick 5950, McCall's 6884 or McCall's 6886 were all good choices for the fabric I purchased from JoAnn's when I fell off my fabric buying diet lol, decision-decisions.   I wanted to make something quick and easy and I since I've made all three of the dresses before, I knew they would be perfect for my fabric.  I was torn and couldn't decide which one to make so I asked my husband to choose. 

...and the winner is...Butterick 5950.  I don't have anything to add to my previous pattern review.  I omitted the back zipper as I did before.  I made View C, this time with the sleeves. I added my usual two inches to the length.  I serged the dress, which made it super quick and easy. 

I may have fallen off my fabric diet, but I still haven't purchased any ready-to-wear.  Yay!

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Snow Day--Sew Day

If I wanted to complain about all of the snow, ice and cold weather we had here last month, I couldn't because in Boston....  Since I couldn't  complain, I turned my snow days into sew days.  That was a good thing since I sort of fell off the stash-busting wagon when I went to JoAnn's with my daughter.  It's all her fault, for taking me into the fabric store.  LOL.  My snow day--sew day projects included Butterick 6088. 

Butterick recommended Gaberdine, Crepe, Linen and Faille.  I didn't note the type of fabric I purchased but I do know, it's none of the above.  I think it's a Cotton or Cotton blend of some sort.  My fabric was easy to sew, but the finished dress is stiff, even though I pre-washed it. 


I chose this pattern because my fabric was similar to the fabric illustrated on the pattern envelope.  One of the  advantages to sewing, is I can be as creative as I want and design one of a kinds.  On the flip side, I don't have to be creative and copy the envelope.  I love sewing!

I made view C with long sleeves and didn't make any changes or alterations to the pattern other than adding two inches to the length.  The bodice is lined with lining from my stash.   The dress was very easy and the instructions appear to be very easy to follow.  I say appear, because I didn't use them but skimmed over them while writing this post.   

This pattern is on my long make-again list.  However, the next time I make it, I'll probably use a softer fabric similar to one of those recommended by Butterick.   Final shot, black and white in black and white.