Sunday, May 31, 2015

Simplicity 1167

Let me tell you what happened one day earlier this month.  I was out for a drive and my car took over, held me hostage and drove itself to G-Street Fabrics.  It gets better... and wouldn't leave the parking lot until I went into the store.   I tried to resist.  It was like a scary movie, my nav kept yelling at me "get out the car!"  I'm a fabricholic, so I got out the car and went shopping lol.  I only purchased a couple of pieces though.  Well, a couple is two, I actually bought four pieces, so I guess that makes it a few.  I had a cart full of fabric and left most of it on the cutting table.  I could've done some real damage... ijs.  G-Street has some pretty knits, and the way they drape them at the end of the tables hmmm, they (not sure who they are) made me buy two cuts.  They also made me buy a tie-dyed cotton and a knit from the discount table.  After an afternoon of forced shopping, I returned to my car and it finally drove me home. 

My usual routine is to wash/dry clean newly purchased fabric as soon as I get home, which I did.  Then I would take it to my sewing room and add it to my stash, that's what I do.  But this time I took  the fabric from the laundry room straight to my cutting table because couldn't go into June with new fabric. 

The first garment used was the floral dress in  my previous post.  The other garments, tops using Simplicity 1167, Misses' Sportswear, Mimi G Style Collection. 

Maybe it's me, because the description on this envelope simply reads Knit tank top, nothing else.  My pattern description would be:  Hi-low hem, knit tank top with side slits. 
The tops look just like the photo on the pattern envelope, once I was done.

I skimmed the pattern layout while I was in the store because I didn't see bias tape listed as a notion.  That's when I found out there were four pattern pieces: front, back, arm and neck facings.  I didn't read the instructions but I can't imagine them being too difficult with only four pieces.   

I didn't make any pattern alterations or design changes.  The tanks were easy to make and I would recommend the top to others.  
Made, worn and posted this month!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

April Showers bring May Flowers

Vogue 8742, my MAGAM May flowers project, that I'm actually posting in May...YAY! 

This is an out of print pattern that's been in stash for a while.  The pattern description simply says "Close-fitting" that's it, that's all and that's strange.  I don't think I've ever seen a description this brief.  While the dress is close-fitting, there are two sleeve options; long sleeves and sleeveless that's not listed on the envelope.  I think Vogue forgot to proof the information before it was published.
  V8742, Misses' Dress

Vogue suggested Two-way Stretch Knits and that's what I used.  It was a new purchase from G-Street Fabrics.  I fell in love with the colors in this fabric and the feel, it's a soft knit that I had to have.  The fabric was at end of a roll and  I was holding my breath at the cutting table, was just enough for me to make this dress. 

Since I'm on a  stash busting fabric buying diet, I couldn't add my new fabric purchases to my pile...did I say pale?  Oops,  I meant stash lol.   Anyway, I had to use them this month, yes, I said them (ya'll know I have issues) lol.  Stay tuned for the remainder of my May projects.    

This is a very easy pattern that I would recommend to others.  There were only six patterns pieces including the sleeve.  I didn't read the instructions while constructing the dress, but I skimmed them right before I typed this post and looked easy to follow.  The ruching may be a little complicated for the beginner but not impossible.  Speaking of ruching, that's another description that could've been included on the envelope. 

I serged most of the dress which made it a very quick sew.  I made two design changes to the pattern.  The first one was the addition of  two inches to the length which was perfect.  The other change was the addition of a 7-inch zipper in the back.  There's nothing that I dislike about this pattern and I really like the ruching, it added a little something to a close-fitting dress. 

Thanks for visiting my page and thank you for the comments on my previous posts.  As with my postings, I'm a little slow responding to all of the comments, but I will. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

April didn't post in April

April was a very bust month for me, I didn't have time to post.  It's May already and I'm just posting my MAGAM April project, Marching towards Spring.   This is the second time around for this pattern.   This dress was also suppose to be an entry in a PR Popular Pattern contest last month, had I finished and posted it then. 

Pattern Description:  McCall's 6886...

Close-fitting, pullover dress.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done?  Yes, it did.   I made the sleeveless version.

Were the instructions easy to follow?  I didn't read the instructions, but I can't imagine them not being easy to follow.  There were only two pieces, the front and back.  The most difficult and time consuming part was centering the design during the pattern layout. 

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?  In addition to being a very quick and easy dress pattern, it's a perfect pattern to show off the paisley design in the fabric. 

Fabric Used: I picked the paisley knit up from G-Street Fabrics a couple of years ago and had planned to make a skirt with it, but the fabric was better suited for this dress.  The black Ponte was also stash fabric from JoAnn's. 

Pattern alterations or any design changes made: Other than using two different fabrics, I didn't make any alterations or design changes.  However, my husband says the dress is too long, I'll probably shorten it before I wear it again. 

Would you sew it again?   I don't think I'll make  this one again.  Would you recommend it to others?  Yes, I would recommend McCall's 6886 to others.

Conclusion:  This is a quick and easy pattern.   I love making and wearing this dress!