Wednesday, May 27, 2015

April Showers bring May Flowers

Vogue 8742, my MAGAM May flowers project, that I'm actually posting in May...YAY! 

This is an out of print pattern that's been in stash for a while.  The pattern description simply says "Close-fitting" that's it, that's all and that's strange.  I don't think I've ever seen a description this brief.  While the dress is close-fitting, there are two sleeve options; long sleeves and sleeveless that's not listed on the envelope.  I think Vogue forgot to proof the information before it was published.
  V8742, Misses' Dress

Vogue suggested Two-way Stretch Knits and that's what I used.  It was a new purchase from G-Street Fabrics.  I fell in love with the colors in this fabric and the feel, it's a soft knit that I had to have.  The fabric was at end of a roll and  I was holding my breath at the cutting table, was just enough for me to make this dress. 

Since I'm on a  stash busting fabric buying diet, I couldn't add my new fabric purchases to my pile...did I say pale?  Oops,  I meant stash lol.   Anyway, I had to use them this month, yes, I said them (ya'll know I have issues) lol.  Stay tuned for the remainder of my May projects.    

This is a very easy pattern that I would recommend to others.  There were only six patterns pieces including the sleeve.  I didn't read the instructions while constructing the dress, but I skimmed them right before I typed this post and looked easy to follow.  The ruching may be a little complicated for the beginner but not impossible.  Speaking of ruching, that's another description that could've been included on the envelope. 

I serged most of the dress which made it a very quick sew.  I made two design changes to the pattern.  The first one was the addition of  two inches to the length which was perfect.  The other change was the addition of a 7-inch zipper in the back.  There's nothing that I dislike about this pattern and I really like the ruching, it added a little something to a close-fitting dress. 

Thanks for visiting my page and thank you for the comments on my previous posts.  As with my postings, I'm a little slow responding to all of the comments, but I will. 


  1. What a gorgeous dress! I love the colourful tropical print:) Reminds me of a particular print I have in my massive stash (you're not the only one with issues, haha). The gathering is so flattering. Strange about Vogue's pattern discription?? Oh well, great dress, you look fantastic in everything you make!:)

  2. Gorgeous dress! I really like your style!

  3. Beautiful dress. Great job.

  4. That's nice fabric! The dress really suits you.

  5. beautiful fabric! I've never heard the word ruching, lol we learn something new everyday!