Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Day Late and a Contest Short

I joined the PR Fabric Stash Contest last month.  The object of the contest was to reduce the size of your stash. You also have to share your stash.  All of the pictures and posts I see of other fabric stashes are nice and neat, mine isn't.  I keep my fabric piled in a plastic crate.  I didn't count the number of pieces, but it's a lot. 
While working on this contest, I dug deep into my crate and came up with some pieces that I had forgotten about. 
One of my finds was this purpled Crepe originally purchased from JoAnn.  I used the Crepe to make Vogue 9021, a fitted dress with front and back extending into sleeves, low armholes, back zipper and hemline slit.  I don't remember what I was planning to make with it, but here's the stash busting dress.
It was an easy pattern that looked like the drawing on the pattern envelope.  I added two inches to the pattern length and omitted the sleeve facings. I knew the two inches would work and didn't think the facings were necessary and I was right.  The dress came out perfect!   
 I also found a Cotton blend floral fabric also from JoAnn Fabric and an apricot color Crepe from G-Street Fabrics.  I used those pieces to make peplums using Vogue 8815 and a  skirt. The skirt is  McCall's 3930, my TNT pattern.    
 Great coordinates...

These pieces, both from G-Street Fabrics, weren't buried at the bottom, just buried.  The TNT skirt, a  blue Crepe and a the blouse, Butterick 5890 in a polyester.

I did it!  I decreased my stash by 6 pieces. But, I was a day late for the contest.  Oh well, I'm ready for the next one. 



  1. You did an awesome job and have some lovely pieces.

  2. In my book you won the contest. They are all extremely gorgeous outfits. That purple dress fits you very beautifully and sexy. Okay, I want to go sew now.

  3. You got some great pieces, despite missing the contest, so I'd say you came out ahead anyway! That Butterick top looks great on you. I love the bright colors that you chose.

  4. I'm looking for that "McCalls 3930" skirt, or as you call it your TNT pattern. I've checked the pattern company website, Pinterest, Etsy and what I see is a dress with a Princess-seamed flared skirt. Could you perhaps show me (somewhere else on your site? Or send me a photo or other link?) to the design? It really does look great. And can I just say, I was looking at V9021 at various sites and your version is the most appealing, most flattering. Welll done YOU!