Saturday, October 10, 2015

I Wear Pink Because I Care!

I'm back! I was so busy this summer that I didn't have time to post. I did get some sewing in and I'll try to catch up on my reviews later.  But in the mean time, here are some pics of a few of my finished garments. 

I used stash crepe on two versions of Vogue 9019, one in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month,  

  and a sleeveless version in a cream. 

I also made a self-drafted tulle skirt for my daughter...this wasn't stash fabric.

I used more stash fabric on this skirt and finally finished my July MAGAM project top.   
My last  project pic is my first exposed zipper skirt both from my stash!



  1. Very nice collection of garments! You sew so well!